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Shop online for premium copper bar and connectors for electrical grounding.

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Electrical Contractors
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Copper Ground Bar Kit

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Storm's advanced manufacturing means most orders ship the next business day - a clear edge for electrical contractors and journeymen who know that time means money.

Plus, our computer-controlled fabrication means up to 80% reduced delivery time on custom orders.

And because Storm Grounding buys tons of copper, we’re able to put bulk savings directly in your pocket.

Miles of copper ground bar in stock with custom fabrication for these installations...

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Copper Connectors for Electrical Grounding
“Great product, fast and safe shipping. I can tell that Storm went the extra mile in packaging
the copper bar. Also, thank you very much for all your help! I will be ordering again soon.”


Lightning Protection Booklet sold at cost on StormGrounding.com

Published by the LPI, the booklet had been available online for as high as $49.00, Storm now offers the book for $12.99.


Now Available!
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Storm Grounding Now Offers LPI's
Lightning Protection Booklet at Cost

The Lightning Protection Institute's
Installation and Design Guide

Storm Grounding is always searching for ways to extend the benefits of lightning protection to its customers. Compiled by the Lightning Protection Institute, a non-profit organization steeped in professional training and quality assurance, the booklet adopts the latest National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes, including the NFPA 780 Standards, content of considerable value to lightning protection installers, electrical journeymen and contractors.

Contents include System Certification, Inspection and Maintenance, Main and Down-lead Conductors, Electrical Grounding, Interconnection (Bonding), and contents go on to cover specific types of installations.

Lightning Protection Guide
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Battery Cables with Compression Lugs

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